We are currently planning a new itinerary and will “blend” our China Wine Tours with our China Tea Tours. Please contact us to be added to the list for more information when it becomes available.

Our vineyard tours are high-end, and therefore more costly than typical tour companies. You will truly be amazed by the knowledge our tour leaders have of their region, the wineries, and the wine and food pairings.

Typical Tour Options

Featuring:  The Vineyards of Ningxia:

Day 1:
Zhi Hui Yun Shi Winery
Cheng Cheng Winery
Jia Nan Mei Di Winery

Day 2:
Silver Heights Winery
Zhang Yu Mo Sai’er Winery
He Lan Qing Xue Winery

Day 3:
Lei Ren Shou Winery
Xi Xia Wang Winery
Ba Ge Si Winery

Each day includes a “farmhouse” lunch and a taste of local specialty items. You’re welcome to join the full 3-day tour, or choose one or two days.

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