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Jade Valley Wine & Resort

Founded in 2000 by award-winning international architect Qingyun Ma, Jade Valley Wine & Resort strives to produce the best wine in China by incorporating a unique combination of original land, culture, tradition, and innovation. The small town of Yushan is home to the winery, though Jade Valley Wine & Resort currently owns two vineyards: one in the Jade Valley area of Lantian County, the other in the Qingtongxia area of Ningxia. With an annual production capacity of 150 tons, Jade Valley Winery produces a variety of wines, including cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, merlot, chardonnay, rosé, and a deliciously sweet persimmon wine. It is ranked the top winery in the Shaanxi Province by presenting the characteristics of an elegant balance among fruit, climate, and soil.


The remarkable story of Jade Valley Wine & Resort is steeped in family and tradition. Qingyun Ma, a world-famous architect from Xi’an and currently the Dean of Architecture at the University of Southern California, would visit his father in his hometown of Yushan, and began to see the potential of the land for grape-growing and winemaking in the early 1990s. He brought with him is unique vision for architecture and it’s environs, and provided much-needed employment to the local villagers. Using resources from the land, Ma taught the villagers the craft of construction and the art of grape-growing and harvesting, and has now established a celebrated winery with exquisite wines, internationally celebrated architecture, and spectacular views of the Qinlin Mountains and Jade Valley.


Jade Valley Wine & Resort also boasts accommodations for it’s visitors, from the uniquely designed Wine Dorm with 13 rooms and 40 beds to the world-famous Well Hall, which houses more upscale, private rooms and a private swimming pool. 


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